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  • Something Tasty This Way Comes……

    People able to access top-quality local food systems are fortunate in today's world of corporate agriculture.  Most food is grown quickly at a scale that requires herbicides, GMOs and pharmaceutical intervention to address animal confinement issues and production goals.  Lost along that shameful path is the individual farmer's pursuit of terroir - the regional flavor, ...

    Posted at October 28, 2016 | By : | Categories : Grass Fed Beef,Small Farms | 0 Comment
  • Rhode Island’s Youngest Rancher – Part II

    From our dear friend Melissa Muniz from Farmers Market.  She is the Mom of three hard-working, fun-loving home-schooled boys..... It all began a year and a half ago with one brown-and-white rabbit that came to us from a neighborhood friend.  Tyler's love for Peanut led us to an interest in raising meat rabbits for New England ...

    Posted at October 11, 2016 | By : | Categories : Grass Fed Rabbits | 0 Comment
  • The New Sheriff In Town…….

    It all started with a sick baby and a "broth bombing".  The snow was piling up and everyone in Lily Scott's house had the bug.  Homemade soup was the only thing that would stay down.  She made it for days, simmering chicken and beef bones down to the deep rich stocks she remembered on Grammy's stove.  She started leaving strained and seasoned broth on similarly afflicted ...

    Posted at September 28, 2016 | By : | Categories : Grass Fed Beef | 0 Comment
  • Westerly Land Trust Annual Farm Dinner……

    Wild places need friends.  Our increasingly rare rural coastal communities are under unprecedented development threat - the quiet places are getting harder to find.  Pavement and buildings have replaced farms and forests in many places.  Public access dwindles as land values soar and class separation results.  The sights and sounds, the meadow birds and the charm of country living are fast becoming an artifact of a ...

    Posted at September 21, 2016 | By : | Categories : Farm to Table Chefs | 0 Comment