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  • Harissa – Not the Name of a Cheerleader

    It's hot but it doesn't wear a skirt.  The ubiquitous presence of this spicy chili paste condiment on family tables across north Africa traces its origin to the Spanish conquest of the New World.  From an NPR story following the Arab Spring of 2012 - "Chilies were cultivated and eaten in Mexico thousands of years ago by the Aztecs and the Mayans, and further south in Peru, by the Incas.  They were valued as a ...

    Posted at December 16, 2013 | By : | Categories : Farm to Table Chefs | 12 Comments
  • Jamaican Bobsled Curry

    As all eyes turn to the Sochi Winter Games in a few weeks, we will be rooting for the Jamaican bobsledders in their triumphant return to the world stage.  These ultimate underdogs from the island nation known to produce the world's finest sprinters - and a damn fine goat curry - started without a training budget or a sled in 1988 and inspired ...

    Posted at December 8, 2013 | By : | Categories : Farm to Table Chefs | 1,229 Comments
  • You will not be disappointed – Testimonial from George Ross

    "The first thing that you notice, other than Pat Beck's awesome customer service and enthusiasm, is the color of the meat...it is reddish and not pinkish.  When cooked it simply does not taste like any meat I had every bought from a supermarket...it was flavorful, rich and incredibly tasty.  I am a new convert to Grass Fed Beef...and how cool is it that these animals were fed in pastures and NOT in a factory farm ...

    Posted at December 6, 2013 | By : | Categories : Testimonial | 48 Comments
  • Things Worth Waiting For

    Truly great grass-fed beef takes a long time to finish and reflects a huge investment of time and pasture management.  Heritage breeds like these Scottish Highlanders at my friend Tom's place are extremely rewarding to work with due to their impressive fitness, maternal instinct and ability to thrive in woods and rough pasture.  The Highlanders are unmatched in the bovine world ...

    Posted at December 6, 2013 | By : | Categories : Grass Fed Beef | Comments Off on Things Worth Waiting For