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  • Alice Cooper and A Plate of Eggs

    We have always wondered whether improbable events conspire to bring people together and create opportunity.  Meetings of this sort are either evidence of fate and destiny or merely the intersection of hard work, conscious choice, positive energy and random events.  Last week we had the pleasure of cooking with the team from Miele USA, worldwide creators of gourmet kitchen appliances and cabinetry at a ...

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  • The RI Pink Tu2 Crew

      Does that dress make my butt look fat ??  A group of Rhode Island men who are strong enough to wear pink and invite ridicule are joining forces to support women in the fight of their lives.  The RI Tu2 Crew gatbers men from all walks of life together in fellowship for occasional outdoor adventure, food and drink with the idea of raising some money for local ...

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  • Join us on UK Agri-Tours

    HERITAGE BREED FARMS & CHEF'S TASTING MENUS This past fall we visited the beautiful old farms and charming country inns of Shropshire and Herefordshire, England in the Welsh border region known as The Marches.  The Norman Marcher Lords of the 12th century built fortified castles and enjoyed autonomous rule free from taxation in exchange for defending the frontier from Welsh raiders ...

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  • Foodie Farm Tours in the Welsh Borders…..

    After recently returning from Shropshire and Herefordshire, England we realized that we can't wait to go back.   We would like to invite you to join a special small group (10-14 max) next spring that will experience the traditional farms, rare heritage breeds, country inns & great local food of that bucolic landscape resembling 1950 or 1750 with a culinary history tour of our own design.  ...

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