Join The Herd

Herd Share – Buy 1/4 or 1/2 animal and save $$ on bulk purchase of our TASTY & HEALTHY 100% grass-fed beef.  Go in with friends and family on 1/2 steer ($1850 total for 200 lbs. of meat plus bones) – dry-aged 2 weeks, cut and Cry-o-Vac packaged under USDA inspection.  1/4 beef costs $950.00  Available throughout the year – 50% deposit required.

Forequarter – Brisket, Neck Bones, Rib Eye Steak, Short Ribs, Shoulder Steak (London Broil), Chuck Roast, Flat Iron, Shank, Ground Beef, Tongue, Heart and Bones

Hindquarter – Top Sirloin, Sirloin Tip (Kabobs), T-Bone / Porterhouse, Tenderloin, Eye Round (Roast Beef), Bottom Round (Pot Roast), Skirt Steak, Flank, Shank, Ground Beef, Oxtail, Liver

Our grass-fed beef is full of healthy fats and B vitamins – nutritionally superior to grain-fed beef.  You will taste amazing flavor resulting from long period grazing high-diversity pasture.  Our rotational methods build healthy soil and maintain different types of grasses and weeds that flourish long into the summer and pull up minerals from deep down in the soil.  Water infiltration and storage capacity are increased on fields that NEVER require application of herbicides or pesticides.

Your advance deposit for your 1/4 or 1/2 beef help us keep a stock of premium animals grazing at different weights so we always have some coming up to target weight.


Our personally selected cross-bred Devon / Angus / Hereford yearling cattle (600-700 pounds) come from known source herds and are pastured with one of our rotational grazing partners in healthy, calm, low-stress environment for up to one year until he/she reaches 1100-1200 lb. market weight.  Heritage breeding enables our animals to fatten on grass where they gain healthy fat & moist internal marbling.

Up to 12 Months of GRAZING

WE pay for hauling from source herd and for a year of rotational contract grazing on top-quality summer pasture, winter hay and protection from the elements & animal maintenance with NO antibiotics or growth hormones.  Animals may get a small amount of supplemental grain during winter months.

Grass Fed Beef at DeansAbout a year later the animal will reach target weight of 1100 pounds giving it adequate marbling and fat cap to age two weeks – tenderizing your beef to its moist and flavorful best.

The animals are loaded and trucked from grazing location, handled and killed humanely at USDA slaughter plant, hung (dry-aged 2-3 weeks), butchered & Cry-o-Vac packaged to your order at USDA inspected facility with E. coli testing of ground beef.  Your 1/2 beef – 200 lbs. of meat plus bones & organs cut & Cry-o-Vac packaged at USDA facility to your specs will cost you $1850 TOTAL.  This represents an excellent value for top-quality 100% grass-fed beef.

Our animals are sourced from known top performing grass-fed herds in RI, NY, MA and PA.   They are contract pastured in rotational grazing programs in RI & MA that build soil health and follow organic protocol – no fertilizer, herbicides or pesticide spraying.

We are proud to raise these beautiful animals to the highest standard of natural and humane animal husbandry.  They are rotationally grazed to build soil health and maintain high-quality, diverse, nutritionally rich pasture.  Try New England Grass Fed and taste the best.  Our beef is chosen by Rhode Island’s top chefs including the Newport Restaurant Group.  Now it can be chosen by you.