Our Farm Partners


small farmsNew England Grass Fed LLC raises our top-quality 100% grass-fed beef, lamb & pastured heritage pork on land owned by others.  We contract with a number of outstanding family farms in the region for animals and grazing rights on high-diversity pasture that can grow moist tasty beef with a superior nutritional profile (healthy Omega-3, Vitamins & CLA).  Animals are rotationally grazed without chemical input on the land that supports them.  This environmentally sustainable method optimizes nutrition, builds soil fertility and enhances water holding capacity.  The excellence of our meat is a direct reflection of our farm partners’ commitment to: (1) breeding stock selected for calm demeanor and performance on grass, (2) exemplary animal care and (3) pasture management and improvement.  The pursuit of truly great grass-fed beef is a resource-extensive endeavor that requires a large amount of space and time.  We share a passion for traditional animal husbandry with these stewards of our agricultural heritage.

We purchase yearling animals from a handful of source herds in RI, NY, MA and PA at varying weights and place them on contract pasture in RI & MA for 3-12 months.  Our cattle are rotationally grazed on perennial pasture in a manner that (1) periodically rests sections to promote high-value regrowth and species retention, (2) improves the land by preventing erosion and building topsoil through organic input and (3) enhances water infiltration and reduces runoff pollution.  Our animals finish out on grass like few others and put on beautiful fat cap to enable dry-aging.

We value the hard work of our farm partners and are happy to pay them a premium for top-quality animals raised to our high standards.

4 Seasons Farm – Tyrone, PA

Van Kirk Tractor

Bob van Kirk comes by this work honestly.  His father raised Hereford beef cattle for many years and taught him the value of medium-sized animals that calve easily and grow well on grass.  He has built up his own herd of Hereford-Angus mothers bred to top-performing Red Devon bulls.  The Devon is a medium-framed heritage breed well suited to pasture production and is unsurpassed for taste and ability to finish in a grass-fed program.  Bob’s yearlings display impressive hybrid vigor growing more quickly than purebred lines.  The van Kirks believe everyone should be able to purchase clean, nutritious, and delicious pasture-based meat, poultry and eggs directly from a farmer.  Their animals are free of antibiotics and hormones.  Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are not used on their fields.  We are proud to buy yearlings from Bob every spring.


Ballard Farm – Lincoln, RI

Ballard Farm 1
Marian Fillippi loves her big red-and-white Herefords.  She runs a beautiful horse farm with boarding and lessons but is happiest out among her girls on the hillsides and meadows of her 55-acre spread north of Providence.  We met several years ago when she expressed concern regarding humane treatment at processing.  I promised her that we only use places that show respect and concern for the animals and that I would personally speak with the owner regarding the need for calm gentle handling at slaughter.  She sells us a few every year – big 4-year old animals that eat the finest hay from New York State all winter long.  They typically hang at 900 lbs. – 50% larger than most grass-fed carcasses and marbled like a boss.  If you like big steaks and yellow flavorful fat full of healthy Omegas this is the beast you want in your freezer.

Chimney Hill Farm – Petersham, MA


Michelle Knapp is a third-generation caretaker on this sprawling hilltop farm overlooking Quabbin Reservoir.  Along with husband Greg, they raise grass-fed Devon beef and free-ranged heritage hogs (Hampshire / Tamworth / Hereford tri-cross) to an incredible standard that our chefs describe in superlative terms.  The pigs live in stress-free family groups running, playing and digging in the dirt which provides roots, grubs and deep mineralized flavor.  They are fed a healthy diet of corn, pumpkins and spent grain from the brew kettle at nearby Wachusett Brewery.  They never get any hormones, shots or processed carbs (bread, cake, etc. that many pig farmers feed).  This method takes 10 months to reach market weight but the slow meat marbles extremely well.  Processing is done at a USDA facility nearby designed to current humane standards – amazing fresh cuts, sausage & bacon.

Treaty Rock Farm – Little Compton, RI

Cows & Roses

When he left County Clare, Ireland, Tom Arkins hoped to never see a cow again.  He grew up farming and decided to bring his carpentry skills to America where he had heard the girls all resembled lifeguards on “Baywatch”.  He met Josie Richmond who had inherited the old Benjamin Church farm located on the Sakonnet River and found himself back in the beef business.  Together they maintain a herd of about 75 cross-bred Devons on 100 acres of waterfront pasture managed for The Nature Conservancy without depleting the high quality of the grass.  They never give their animals corn or grain.  The cattle take a year longer to get to market than animals finished on high-calorie feedlot diet, but Tom and Josie believe the product is worth the wait.  In winter, the cattle eat hay cut from neighboring fields during the summer.


Deer Creek Farm – Foster, RI

Deer Creek 5

Dr. Bob Buonnano raises beautiful cross-bred Devons on 600 wooded acres in Rhode Island’s quiet corner.  He manages the property as a weekend sporting retreat and jokes that the deer eat more grass than the cattle.  We helped him find a champion Devon bull in PA in 2012 to improve a haphazard mix of Herefords and Highlanders.  Iron Mike has sired a new generation on the farm and the stock is looking better than ever.  We are lucky to be able to choose from the two-year old class when the animals start to finish and build the deep powerful flavor for which the Devon breed is known.  Doc sometimes sells us weaned bull calves out of the field for our humane “rose veal” program.  Tender with delicate flavor, this rare treat is difficult to find and we are lucky to count Deer Creek among our valued source herds.

Twin Peaks Land & Cattle Co – Matunuck, RI

Our farms

Bruce Thunberg loves working cattle on horseback.  As a nationally recognized cutting horse judge, Bruce keeps several dozen young steers and heifers on his 60-acre coastal property for training his stable of agile quarterhorses.  After a few months, the yearlings get tired of being chased around and present less of a challenge to the horses.  Bruce often sells them off but is kind enough to keep the most promising ones to finish graze up to 1100 lbs. for us at daily fee.  We are fortunate to be able to occasionally bring in some cross-bred Devons acquired from other source herds to supplement the Black Angus he favors.  Bruce has some of the finest pasture around due to the long grazing season and the salt fog which brings minerals and amazing depth of flavor into the grass.  Our best beef of the year comes from this herd.  Reserve your 1/4 or 1/2 beef today.