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Building the Farmstand……

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Farmstand Titus 2

Build it and they will come.  After years of selling our grass-fed beef (contract grazed for us locally) without really having a place, we are blessed to have earned the support of a visionary owner interested in improving the land and supporting local agriculture that is economically and environmentally sustainable.  Tomorrow we break ground on a beautiful timber-framed farmstand at Cloverbud Ranch in Portsmouth, RI.  All of the posts, beams, rafters and siding will be made from rough-cut local Eastern white pine.  Our friend who is building it will be able to hide all the screw connections so it will look like an old historic barn that could have stood there for 200 years.

Cloverbud Sign 33The floor will be packed gravel with the meat freezer sitting up on cinder blocks.  We will stock our own grass-fed beef from our 100-acre grazing property along with free-ranged heritage pork grown for us at a friend’s farm.  Pastured poultry and eggs will be provided by one of our partner producers leasing the upper field.  Heritage grains and wildflower honey grown on site will add to the authentic ambience.  Sliding barn door and some shelves and baskets for local produce grown on site and down the street complete the picture.  The 4-H kids in the chapter we will be launching will have a place to stay dry in a downpour when they’re not taking care of their garden, their chickens and the yaks.

Cloverbud Oct 2016 006YAKS.  We are finalizing arrangements for acquiring 2-3 yaks from New York State that will join the production beef herd as ranch mascot / ambassadors.  We intend to train them to lead on halter and eventually walk together yoked pulling a cart.  The bull calves will have their “procedure” when they arrive here to become steers and will learn their work within a corral (learning pen) we are building along with a run-in shelter through a crowdfunding effort supported by friends and colleagues.

Yak pictures 2As the project gains momentum we want to reward loyal fans who demonstrate their faith in our hard work and the quality products we have brought to families and farm-to-table chefs since 2011.  Anyone who donates to our Kickstarter yak campaign at the $100 level in the attached link will receive a card good for 10% off any and all meat products purchased at Cloverbud Ranch for the 2017 year in addition to the T-shirt and pound of burger noted in the list of premium rewards.  We normally reserve price discount for 20 pound orders but will express our gratitude to $100 donors who will enjoy special savings all season long.  We respectfully ask you to share this with friends and family who value local agriculture and might like to come see us.

We look forward to speaking to any parents interested in helping to organize and guide our 4-H charter.  It’s easy and fun.  We have Herd Shares available for 1/4 and 1/2 beef cut to your specifications.  We look forward to speaking with you and exploring ways you can join us at our our chef-catered Open House Ranch Tour and Cookout Sunday May 21, 2017.  Thank you for supporting local livestock production.

Respecting the Protein, MB


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