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The admirable effort of growing of top-quality grass-fed beef represents a master class in delayed gratification.  We need to be prepared for the long game with animals in all different weight classes in order to have a steady supply of finished cattle with enough fat on them for the premium steaks people expect.  Animals that perform on pasture are hard to find and take 2 years or more to reach their highest flavor potential.

Long ago we decided to focus our efforts as a stocker operation rather than a cow-calf outfit.  This means we buy the finest yearlings we can find out of known breeding from a small handful of source herds we have developed from PA to VT.  We choose not to assign large portions of our grass to Mamas carrying a calf for 9 months.  A proper pasture herd requires outstanding foundation stock and expertise we do not have.  You need a bull who throws calves that aren’t too big – many births are unassisted in the field – or a squeeze cage and artificial insemination technician.  You also need cows that are attentive mothers producing rich milk that puts calves on a good growth track.  Management challenges include the need to separate Papa from the yearling heifers so they don’t get bred too young.

Cloverbud Feb 2017 008Instead we locate 10-12 month old cattle weighing 500-600 pounds and let them double their weight with rotational grazing on our pastures in Portsmouth, RI.  We look for calm, content cattle that can fatten on grass – square as a chest freezer with a fine straight back, well-sprung ribcage and built close to their work (short legs).  When you find them you buy all you can.  There is no substitute for good stock that you can work with, move easily and load without stress when their number finally comes up.

Here are some of the finest beef cattle you’ll ever see from impressive genetics that are known to us and have produced some of our finest grass-finished beef over the past three years.  We purchased half a dozen of these Angus x Hereford cross yesterday because when cattle like this are available you just say yes !!

Cloverbud Feb 2017 006While the youngsters pictured above will take a year or more to reach 1100 lbs. their older brothers are currently out in the field – available now and throughout the year.  Join our HerdShare with friends for 1/4 beef cut to your specs for $1000 yielding you around 100 pounds of various steaks, burger and braising cuts plus bones for making broth.

Cloverbud Sign 33Or make a $100 gift through our crowdfunding platform to help build the corral and run-in shelter for our exciting draft yak oxen project and enjoy 10% OFF any and all meat purchases for the entire year 2017.

Thank you for supporting local livestock production over the years.

Respecting the Protein, MB


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