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New England's Home for Grass Fed Meat

We are dedicated to producing the finest 100% grass fed beef, pork and rabbit with the help of our local grazing partners. Our animals are raised with respect and grown to their highest potential. We accept the gift of their lives with gratitude.

  • Hanging Weight vs. Boxed Weight

    I spoke with a woman today interested in buying half a grass-fed beef to fill her family's freezer.  She wants great flavor and superior nutritional profile and she doesn't want it all in one piece as shown above.  She had been given a price of $3.65 / lb. hanging weight from a guy in Vermont and didn't really know what that meant.  She was concerned ...

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  • Whole Animal Butchery for Fun and Profit ……

    The chilled carcass, front half of one of our finest 100% grass-fed steers split into two forequarters, lay on the work table surrounded by knives, hacksaws and 10 eager young chefs assembled from the Newport Restaurant Group's seven Rhode Island properties.  Two hindquarters awaited in the on-deck circle.  We were gathered for the third year with representatives of this impressive constellation of upscale ...

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  • Man Draws Cow …… Hilarity Ensues ……

    When my old college pal turned art professor offered to sketch animals in southern RI for a special Farmers & Artists Dinner featuring New England Grass Fed proteins at Paragon Restaurant at Foxwoods over the weekend, I knew we would enjoy our chance to catch up on old times and share our passion for the outdoors.  You see I and Mr. Charlie Churchill, graduate ...

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  • The Artist on the Farm…..

    The bucolic images and unhurried pace of the American farm landscape have inspired artists and writers for many generations.  This aesthetically rich intersection of natural spaces with iconic agrarian forms provides a canvas where the rural narrative is elevated to mythic hero saga.  The farmer's tenacious reliability and optimism in the face of setbacks restores our faith in a simple work ethic.  He/she ...

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