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  • Choosing Your Piggy Pack….

    Most Americans don't spend any time considering the life experience of the pig they are eating.  Given the chance to run, play and forage, these intelligent, inquisitive creatures thrive on roots, bugs and farm spoils without the terrible stress, added growth hormones, and the need for antibiotics found at industrial hog operations.  Our heritage breed pork is dark and flavorful - streaked with ...

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  • Truth in Advertising for a Fourth Grader

    This story has nothing to do with beef cattle or local agriculture.  It was submitted as a pitch to NPR's Moth Radio Hour in the hopes of reading it at one of their Story Slams.  It is possible that the themes of passion, promise, single combat, victory, loss and resolve might resonate with others as well.... It was in the fourth grade that I learned some ...

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  • Getting A Piece Of The Pie……

    "So perhaps we can help with your little project...", purred the intriguing and smartly dressed agent in her exotic accent while snapping open a metal briefcase to reveal stacks of crisp bundled $20 bills.  OK, that James Bond fantasy never actually happened and remains unfulfilled to this day.  But we did sit across the desk last week from a helpful agricultural agent who offered ...

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  • Heading Off To The Prom……

    The day the trailer rolls up to take our grass-fed & grass-finished animals to slaughter brings our sense of spiritual gratitude into sharp focus as we contemplate the ultimate gift and do our best to be worthy of it.  We determine the day a long life spent growing slowly on our expansive pastures will end.  Do we feel sad ??  Absolutely not.

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