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  • Using Your Head……

    We feel deeply compelled to harvest all we can from the beautiful animals we graze and slaughter for our label.  Rather than pay lip service to the notion of whole animal usage, we make a point of marketing the underappreciated off-cuts, bones and organs to chefs and friends who appreciate rustic old country recipes.  It is the only way we can afford to follow ...

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  • Rhode Island’s Youngest Rancher……

    Our newest grazing partner understands that the best learning doesn't happen in a classroom.  10-year old Tyler Muniz and his brothers are homeschooled.  We've known them for several years as loyal customers at our Farmers Market booth and look forward to interesting conversations about recent building projects and playoff prospects for their baseball teams.  Mom Melissa told me how she saw a trend discouraging ...

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  • Fight Like A Girl – Eat Like A Man…….

    Rather than go through the nonsense of bidding on naming rights for an NFL stadium again this year we decided to just sponsor a fighter instead.  Morgan von Ketner (von Killer if you meet her in the ring) trains in the Muay Thai style - "The Art of Eight Limbs" that dates back to 18th c. Siamese close combat skills.  Morgan came ...

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  • The Tasty Unfortunate Accident

    It couldn't be helped really.  Nature manages the fact that rabbits are pretty fragile by endowing them with a high reproductive rate.  The doe can give you three litters of 6-8 kits per year.  My friend Leo is a man of deep conviction, dedicated to his personal training clients and to the homesteading dream he is building with his wife.  They have laying hens, a big ...

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