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  • Introducing……..The Piggy Pack…….

    Pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus) are intelligent inquisitive beasts that deserve to live joyful lives surrounded by their kind.  If we are to require their ultimate gift, we have a responsibility to provide them with a stimulating and stress-free environment along the way.  They need to run, root for grubs and  maybe get sprayed with the hose on a hot day.  Opportunities for  problem-solving and exploration are as important to their health as vegetables, grain and clean water. Sadly, ...

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  • The Beer Brat Prayer Circle…….

      Reverend Paul Bizer, native son of northern Illinois and leader of the Peacedale Congregational Church, loves his Cubs and his bratwurst.  The beaming smile, visible from halfway across the Farmers Market, lights up a large frame.  His stories of long-ago family gatherings at the lake cabin up north include vivid descriptions of colorful characters and special foods that were not served during the week at home.  The women, armed with issues ...

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  • The Thing About Bacon……..

    Can there be anything more miraculous than the silky, smoky Grail of cured meat that lures avowed vegetarians off the reservation for an occasional slice or 10-pound slab when nobody's looking ??  And if the pig in question was a special old breed raised in family group for almost a year romping and eating dirt, roots, grubs, hay and spent brewery grain at a nice hilltop farm ...

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  • The Beer Brat Project……

    Those of us who raise special heritage breed animals to their highest culinary potential accept big challenges in our effort to deliver sustainable meat into the market.  We are committed to extensive (pasture-based) production model understanding that our animals take longer, cost more, yield less and taste better than the industrial commodity option.  We work with old breeds selected over generations for calm demeanor, maternal ...

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