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  • The Dad Lessons…….

    Any successes that might be enjoyed by our small meat business focused on high-quality animal care and processing can be traced directly to the influence of one man.  That man was a country veterinarian who showed me how to find a passion, do your best, have fun, speak your truth, help others and know you are loved.   These are the Dad lessons I was ...

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  • Heaven On A Bun…….

    For many Americans summertime visions include glowing coals and sizzling meat on the grill.  Just sayin'... but it might be time to step up to the finest ground beef you and your family will ever taste.  Our country's sometimes shameful love affair with bovine ruminants features the ubiquitous burger in a multitude of personae defining the culinary landscapes that surround us.  They'll be slathered ...

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  • The JBF Dinner Invitation……

    The weekend duffer dreams of chipping in from the rough on the iconic 13th hole at Augusta.  The steely-eyed Little Leaguer imagines taking a few cuts with Cal Ripkin and impressing the Iron Man with solid contact that's "sure to find a hole".  Would-be country crooners take the stage at The Grand Ole Opry in their minds.  And small livestock farmers ...

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  • Using Your Head……

    We feel deeply compelled to harvest all we can from the beautiful animals we graze and slaughter for our label.  Rather than pay lip service to the notion of whole animal usage, we make a point of marketing the underappreciated off-cuts, bones and organs to chefs and friends who appreciate rustic old country recipes.  It is the only way we can afford to follow ...

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