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  • The End of Grass-Fed Beef ??……

    Earlier this month, USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service announced it would no longer require meat bearing a "Grass Fed" label to be grown in accordance with the pasture-based husbandry protocol that has been the accepted standard since 2006.  Consumers seeking that designation expect animals to be: (1) free-ranged on perennial pasture during most of the year (hay feeding in winter holding yard is acceptable), (2) fed green ...

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  • Peak Organic & The Death Row Meal

    Every so often a chef or restaurateur manages to look past our obvious character flaws and pairs a selection of New England Grass Fed meats with a special brewery or wine-producing region for a ticketed farm-to-table dinner event.  These exciting menus allow the chef to show off his or her chops with elaborate seasonal preparations that would be impractical or impossible to produce for ...

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  • Our North Star for the New Year

    At this turn of the clock - a time of rededication and change - we felt it would be instructive to share with you our mission statement developed over the past four years.  This touchstone guides all of our decisions and enables us to produce and differentially market superior free-ranged meats.  New England Grass Fed LLC has been raising 100% grass-fed beef and heritage ...

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  • The Veal for Humaneitarians….

    Few things generate a stronger response at the Farmers Market than the V word.  Dangerous territory that - talking about a dewy-eyed calf and pounding a cutlet in the same sentence.  Yet that is exactly what we demand - holding the honored life up for inspection, embracing the magnitude of the gift and making sure we are worthy of these beautiful grass-fed beasts by using every bit ...

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