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New England's Home for Grass Fed Meat

We are dedicated to producing the finest 100% grass fed beef, pork and rabbit with the help of our local grazing partners. Our animals are raised with respect and grown to their highest potential. We accept the gift of their lives with gratitude.

  • You Can Host a Grazing Party……

    In a major strategic shift, New England Grass Fed has decided to opt out of print and radio advertising campaigns for 2015 and instead direct our marketing budget toward focus group tasting events.  No longer will we deliver our message to a wide audience with the hope of inspiring people to seek out and purchase our 100% grass-fed beef, rabbit and pastured heritage pork.  ...

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  • How Much Is That Doggie in the Window ???

    I was pleased to learn last week about the dismantling of a dog meat farm in Korea where animals were being kept in deplorable conditions for the black market trade.  Like many of you, I find the notion of eating Rover appalling and abhorrent in the extreme.  My own heart is, in fact, owned by an English Setter currently claiming the other end of the ...

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  • No Bones Left Behind……

    Amid today's crowded field of fad diets and supplements it is refreshing to discover that the oldest things are still the best - like a handwritten thank you note or a favorite college sweatshirt.  I hope you all had a Grammy or Oma or Mima who could fix up a kid's sick tummy with a pot of stock simmering on the stove.  I remember our neighbor ...

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  • Celebrating the Savior (of our food…)

    At this special time of year when Christians celebrate the arrival of a person sent to save the world and help others through hard work and faithful acts of kindness - we are reminded how blessed we are to know a bunch of people like that already !! That's right - Family farmers like Bob and Camille of Little River Farm in ...

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