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  • The Meat with the Unfortunate Name…

    It may appear as "tete cochon" on the chef's tasting menu presented by smartly vested waiters at Watch Hill's swanky Ocean House.  Or star as a "country terrine" on the lauded charcuterie board at Lumiere in West Newton, MA. Regulars at Olympic Provisions in Portland, OR call ahead to reserve their "coppa di testa", a badge of honor among the Northwest's farm-to-table cognoscenti.  Known ...

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  • In the Presence of Courage…….

    The full-throated rumble of low-idling Harleys filled the quiet green of a summer Sunday morning along rural Route 1 in Charlestown, R I.  A slow-rolling, flag-waving motorcycle escort guarded the recumbent cyclist traveling in the right-hand lane.  With the stoic pageantry unique to grizzled veterans honoring one of their own, the procession spoke undeniably to shared sacrifice.  I felt compelled to pull over ...

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  • Introducing……..The Piggy Pack…….

    Pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus) are intelligent inquisitive beasts that deserve to live joyful lives surrounded by their kind.  If we are to require their ultimate gift, we have a responsibility to provide them with a stimulating and stress-free environment along the way.  They need to run, root for grubs and  maybe get sprayed with the hose on a hot day.  Opportunities for  problem-solving and exploration are as important to their health as vegetables, grain and clean water. Sadly, ...

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  • The Beer Brat Prayer Circle…….

      Reverend Paul Bizer, native son of northern Illinois and leader of the Peacedale Congregational Church, loves his Cubs and his bratwurst.  The beaming smile, visible from halfway across the Farmers Market, lights up a large frame.  His stories of long-ago family gatherings at the lake cabin up north include vivid descriptions of colorful characters and special foods that were not served during the week at home.  The women, armed with issues ...

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