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New England's Home for Grass Fed Meat

We are dedicated to producing the finest 100% grass fed beef, pork and rabbit with the help of our local grazing partners. Our animals are raised with respect and grown to their highest potential. We accept the gift of their lives with gratitude.

  • Your Buying Club at Work

    We would like to inspire you to organize a few colleagues / friends at work who might make a periodic bulk purchase of our outstanding 100% grass-fed beef enjoyed by home chefs and top chefs all across southern New England.  Our special product is the PASTURE PACK - enjoy 20 pounds mixed (choose the cuts you like) for $200, saving you 10% - ...

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  • HOMR – The Home Meat Rabbit Project

                  We are submitting an application this week for a LASA grant (Local Agriculture and Seafood Act) that will enable us to expand our Silver Fox meat rabbit rotational grazing program with interested families around South County.  The RI Dept of Environmental Management in partnership with several private foundations is making $200,000 available for ...

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  • Organize A Grass-Fed Gang

    As part of our effort to expand our family subscription program this year we are encouraging customers who have enjoyed our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef in the past to gather a few other families who share our values and order Pasture Packs in a group purchase to be delivered to one location. Each Pasture Pack includes 20 pounds of your choice ...

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  • Marketing the Cultural Creative

    Small farms and local livestock growers need to differentially market our products and earn a higher price point by elevating perceived value of our wholesome natural food.  Our sustainable methods and high level of care enable us to achieve superior results but present significant challenges to scaling up operations.  Growth is limited by the resource base that provides our livelihood.  Conscientious consumers are happy ...

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