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New England's Home for Grass Fed Meat

We are dedicated to producing the finest 100% grass fed beef, pork and rabbit with the help of our local grazing partners. Our animals are raised with respect and grown to their highest potential. We accept the gift of their lives with gratitude.

  • Embracing The Humble Cuts …..

    Those of us who raise the good meat - livestock raised on the land that sustains it - are reminded daily that our methods take longer and cost more than industrially raised protein.  Our top-quality 100% grass-fed beef requires special animals that are ambitious grazers with the ability to fatten on the forage in front of them.  They need ...

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  • The Terrible Horrible Insensitive Video

    I was saddened to learn that a video of our rabbit slaughter demonstration with Johnson & Wales culinary students for their Sustainability curriculum last fall was taken down from RI Farm Bureau Facebook due to the outrage of a vocal minority. Many people are totally disconnected from the nature of things ...

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  • Moving the Herd

    Several of our valued customers asked me last week why our 100% grass-fed beef tastes so much better than some of the other local brands they have sampled.  I humbly accepted the accolade and replied that it was surely a combination of nature and nurture.  It's likely that less successful pastured beef is ...

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  • Shipping ?? Yeah, We’ve Got That …..

    We are surrounded by some of the nation's best grazing land here in coastal New England.  Cool-season grasses, salt fog influence and a long grazing season enable us to raise top-quality 100% grass-fed beef "LOCALLY, NATURALLY & HUMANELY".  Our ongoing efforts to expand brand footprint and increase market penetration frequently put us in contact with people ...

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